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Most technology & magic from other worlds work exactly as if they were in their previous world, even if they require auxiliary functions from their previous world (E.g GPS tracking devices would still work, despite having no GPS satellites nearby.You would still need new map data though, or the directions are near meaningless.)


The only spells/technology that do not work as intended are teleportation devices/spells that target any area outside of Gaelroy. These will end up teleporting the user & any passengers to a random location within the same realm they are currently in. Additionally, long distance teleportation is subject to Gaelroy's geometry, making most methods only useful at local range. It is not uncommon to accidentally teleport into the astral plane when attempting to do so.


In the modern age, a basic system for describing magic was finally universally adopted. All spells have 2 components; a cost & an effect. Both of these would be categorized according to size & impact.




Neglible: No, or neglible costs. Spells in this category can be cast with no delay or afterthought.


Tiny: Tiny costs are ones which are only significant after prolonged use, e.g a 3-day-long battle.


Small: Small costs usually require some form of concentration/script/gesture/etc.


Medium: Medium sized costs require greater concentration or time to cast. They may require some sort of sacrifice, like mobility or perhaps some of the user's lifeforce, & can require use of a magical focus.


Large:Large costs are the smallest battle-impractical costs, requiring some sort of protective strategy in order to be used effectively.


Mortal: Mortal costs generally require the sacrifice a life, or some other form or permanent damage.


Ultimate: Ultimate costs are so high, no individual could pay all of it at once. Casting these spells requires help from others, willingly or not.




Negligible: The effect of the spell is so slight, it cannot be perceived. The spell did not fail, it merely became useless. 


Tiny: The effect of the spell is harmless, but may provide brief utility.


Small: The effect requires immediate attention to respond. Effects of this size are usually targeted at a single target.


Medium: Some sort of protective barrier is usually required when exercising any medium level magic. It can affect large clearings, more often than single targets.


Large: Large effects typically span cities, but usually aren't inherently dangerous. These effects are actually often used as city wide defensive fortifications, etc.


Ultimate: Less spoken & used are ultimate effects, effect that are so large they tear into the abyss. As a result any ultimate effect usually takes the life of the user, whether that was part of the spell or not.


Epic: A legendary category reserved for storytelling hyperbole. Effects of this magnitude are similar to tether's founding.



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