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Towns & villages were rare places to be, at least until the new age. For while there always a few being founded, very rarely do they ever last more than 2 years.


The 2 most common ways a village or town forms is either by convenience or by a ideals. Idealistic villages are made when individuals simply choose to settle down & live in one place, usually after either being forsaken-ly lost, or exiled from another establishment. These establishments are the type most likely to have some sort of social hierarchy, or at least some form of governance. This method is fastest at actually founding a village; buildings & defense will be constructive with little or no delay, and everyone has a unified goal (usually).


Establishing a village by convenience however, is far slower. These towns originate as common camp sites for nomadic groups. As more groups use the same site, more natural defenses & utilities tend to be left behind, inviting more groups to use & develop the site. Eventually, 2 groups will wish to hold the site simultaneously, how they interact (hostile or not, etc) will influence what happens next. If an agreement can be reached, then other groups will contest the camp eventually. If no agreement can be reached, the resulting combat often results in the destruction of the site.


This process repeats itself until there is always a group occupying the site. Once that happens, (or just before) all involved groups may choose to formalize the agreement, as a new town. People may choose to have permanent residency after formalization.


Towns made by both methods are often skeptical about new travelers, & as a result, limit access to the village. Many towns & villages are destroyed by co-operative attacks from both outside & inside, so such paranoia is not unwarranted. However, many of the attackers are usually those who cannot gain access, are disallowed to behave as they please within the town; thus increasing in number as time passes.


Villages & towns are only considered map-worthy by the cartographer's consortium if they have survived for 10 years.


It is also important to note that villages exist in realms other than the overworld. Inner worlds & the underworld etc also get villages forming by the above 2 methods.



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