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The great prodigy of Razor's edge, Luna is the current heir to the elite snipers. Were it not for her age, she would be considered a survivor.


Her parents were among the first founders of Razor's edge, however with the constant seiges & attacks in the early years, she was quickly orphaned. As an orphan in Gaelroy, she lived off the pity of strangers, no family, no friends. She was hadn't even been formally named yet.


Then, one fateful night, the only time when both Azumur & Ella, & most of the warriors, were out on missions, a large creature attacked the town. It was a quick, but silent killer, by the time anyone knew what was happening, most of the guards were already dead. Luna happened to be on the wrong side of town that night.


By the time what few defensive forces remained arrived they found the creature dead - With Luna recovering the dagger she threw into its eye. But the night was not over yet.


The arrival of the defensive forces alerted the nearby bandits to the vulnerable town. There, they seized the chance & rammed the front gate; The town's defenses only arrived as it fell, flooding the entrance with more hostiles. For 2 days and 2 nights, the guards fought with the bandits, (For they had delayed the return of Azumur), until only 1 person remained standing, her silhouette  against the the bright full moon.


Azumur returned at dawn, surprised to see that of all the people to emerge victorious against an invasion, it was a 3 year old girl. Since then, she has been known as Luna, now truly adopted by the community. 



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