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Merloc, the  Beast-master is truly ancient, even among other ancients, for he was one of the first of the tethered to arrive on Gaelroy.


Most other details of his origins are unknown, but his deeds are somewhat renowned among the ancients. He was the first to walk the chaotic wildlands alone, and also one of the founders of Tether. He left shortly after "to walk the world".


While he was in the public's eye, he was known as a great beast summoner of incredible skill, even capable of summoning sentient mage-beasts, as well as many others that he made up on the spot. He used a unique staff, headed by a lion/snake head. He was also a great spiritualist, capable to traversing the afterlife and astral plane at will.


Ever since his abrupt departure, no trace of him, in any realm, has ever appeared.



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