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Haze is a god of knowledge & observation.


Formerly an ancient known as the shadow, he was a founder of the Great Tether, & was widely known, but never seen as the greatest information broker. He was a shady, but well-intentioned character by all accounts, although no one really knows anything about him/her. It is not known when s/he ascended to godhood, except it was around the same time as when Gaelroy left for his endless expedition.


Unlike most gods, his spiritual area is nothing more than a mere pebble, indistinguishable from any other. It has however, been revealed to some individuals, who protect & transport it, in exchange for information. Since his/her ascension to godhood, s/he has gained omnipresence, & for all practical purposes, omniscience.  


These days, he tends to continue observing the world, rarely using any of his/her influence. Only ancients, & old survivors remember him/her.



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