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Physics and culture
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Cities are a rare occurrence in Gaelroy, but still have 3 main categories.


Ancient City


An ancient city is one that dates back to the ancients, with only 3 (the great Tether, the great Breach, Jono) still inhabited. These are the strongholds that have withstood the greatest tests of time. Most other ancient cities however, lie in ruins, some times with forgotten treasure, other times with a few squatters.


Old City



An old city is one that dates back to the Independent era, the largest  2 being Razor's Edge and Ironfjord. These are the ones with enough reputation to prevent all but the most strategically planned assaults.


Modern City

A modern city is one that has lasted over a century with over 300 inhabitants. These are barely more than large villages usually, although they have at least stabilized with the local area. Their size & numbers may wards off small attacks, but they are usually no match for a professional army.



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