People and Organizations
People and Organizations
Living Ancient,
The Tethered


Aside from the tethered, world born also inhabit the world of Gaelroy. As their name suggests, they were born here, unlike the tethered who came from another world. While worldborn usually have tethered parents, they are often raised by a community; both parents rarely live to see their child mature.


As a consequence of being born on Gaelroy, worldborn typically have unique physiology and can speak many different languages fluently. However, their language skills are not as universal as actual tethered who inherently understand others.


Worldborn also tend to have unique assortment of skills, having been taught by a community of people, rather than just 2 parents; most worldborn who have adventured around the known lands are somewhat renowned for their skillsets.


For the most part, worldborn are a small minority, with the only exception being the times right before the ancient's fall. Many ancients could not comprehend the fact that there were people who weren't tethered, living in Gaelroy. This lead to the worldborn wars



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