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Valor was once a great noble god of combat. He believed in honorable duels to settle disputes, never to the death. As such, he was adopted by many & quickly became quite powerful & influential.


Before he ascended to godhood, he was Azumur's first student, who had decided to leave in order to explore the world. As he did, he slowly spread his belief of honorable combat through many small villages & roads, until he ascended.


His spiritual area was a small section of the wasteland, surrounded by lava, where dueling competitions were held. He had few priests, as he preferred common folk adopt him out of their own goodwill, though most were kill at the same time he was.


He was one of the few gods who defeated Godsbane in combat, although he was maimed during the fight. He was then killed a week later by Godsbane in a second fight.



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