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Non-Combat Factions


Probably the 3rd most influential organization, the courier's guild specializes in the delivery of goods & physical messages from established cities & towns.


They have few resemblances between members, aside from a convergent desire to travel light when possible. They otherwise enjoy free delivery within their own faction, as well of some limited degree of authority in said establishments.


However, such perks are not without risk; Out of all the factions, the courier's guild has one of the highest fatality rates. To compensate for great inherent risks of their job, the Courier's guild is a large recruiter of new-bound; If they survive a year of deliveries, they are offered a permanent (although junior) position.


It is also worthy to note that due to their line of work, there is no definite leader of the organization, but rather a system of referrals to other couriers/ courier networks. Despite this, they remain influential due to their shared black-list of customers.





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