The Glittering Isles,
The Isle of Frost Dale


Leyloch is a beautiful land of rolling hills, streams, and islands. It has been populated with a myriad of civilizations over the years. No truly original civilization remain to the present day; the oldest culture being the Halfling river folk who are descended from the water dwarfs and an ancient human society.

Most people and cities in Leyloch make their living in trade. The largest city in the region is Aquitaine; home of Grail's market, the largest trading hub in the world.

Leyloch has embraced its eclectic cultural background. Its countries are bound in a loose confederation known as the League of Sails. Mostly an economic alliance, the League of Sails has been known to defend an ally member from outside aggressors.

The Crystalline Palace, located about two miles north of the Aquitaine coastline, is home to the Crystal of Water. It is currently held by in a joint effort by the League of Sail. Traditionally it has been held by Tritons, and before that, Water Elves.




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