The Gouge and the Gash
Rune Items
The Bulwark of Vigil,
The Burglar's Spine,
The Grail of Kings,
The Herald's Chest,
The Mantle of Red's Shadow,
The Mask of the Mind,
The Master Book of Runes,
The Rune Skull,
The Siege Horn,
The Weapon of Legend
Dwarf king


Once divided by region, modern day dwarves are almost all Earth Dwarves due to the other sub races of dwarf having died out in war and genocide.

Earth Dwarf- standard dwarf

Water Dwarf- +2 Dex, -2 Cha. Martial weapons harpoon and net. Low-light vision. No stone cunning. +2 to swim

Air Dwarf- +2 Str, -2 Wis. Martial weapon double sword and double spear. Low-light vision. No stone cunning. No bonuses to appraise, craft, or stability. 30ft base speed, normal penalties for wearing armor

Fire Dwarf- -2 Str, +2 Intelligence. Small sized. lose all other dwarf abilities except darkvision. Speed 20ft.




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