When a mortal and an outsider share a bed the resulting births are called spirit touched.

Aasimar and tieflings are the progeny of good and evil outsiders 

Sprites are the children of wind spirits and elementals

+2 dex +2 Cha resistance cold, electricity, and sonic 5 +2 spot and listen, 1/day gust of wind

Werrows are born of water spirits

+2 dex +2 wis resistance cold, fire, acid 5 +2 spot and listen, 1/day obscuring mist.

Fernis come from fire spirit parents

+2 Str +2 Int resistance fire, cold, electricity 5 +2 spot and listen. 1/day produce Flame

Terran are descended from earth spirits 

+2 Con +2 wis, resistance acid, fire, and electricity 5. +1 natural armor.

Vibrants come from elusive and rare life spirits

+2 Str +2 Cha +5 to resist Death descriptor spells. 1/day cure light wounds.



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