Rune Items


cThe mantle of red shadow

At first level you may use this cloak to glide 30ft per 30ft of fall per round from any fall distance. At six level you gain fly 30 clumsy. At 12 level you gain fly 30 good. And 18th level you gain fly 60 good.


You gain +2 enhancement bonus to tumble, hide, and move silently at first level and every four levels. You are always considered trained in Tumble, hide and move silently. At level 10 you may hide in shadow.


You may feint as a move action as long as you have a free hand. At level 10 you may feint as a swift action. At level 15 you may feint once as a free action on your turn.


Once a week you may neutralize any Moonshadows negative properties for that day.


First Unlock


Uncanny Dodge


Second Unlock

Hide in Plain Sight

The fly speed granted by the mantle is doubled


Third Unlock

Improved Uncanny Dodge

Improved Evasion


Fourth Unlock

Enemies in your threat range are treated as not having the evasion or uncanny dodge abilities or their advanced versions.

+5 deflection bonus to AC

+5 resistance bonus to Saves

+4d6 sneak attack.




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