Rune Items


The master book of runes


You're considered trained in the following skills. You may take take ten at no penalty with the following skills. And you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to all of the following skills and an additional +2 at every four levels


Craft blacksmithing

Craft fletching

Craft leather making

Craft paper

Craft writing

Craft playwriting

Craft sculpture

Craft trap making

Craft jewelry

craft carpentry

Craft masonry

Craft siege weapons

Knowledge ancient history

Knowledge mathematics

Knowledge geography

Knowledge Arcana

Knowledge the planes

Knowledge engineering and architecture

Knowledge Dungeoneering

Knowledge geology

Knowledge philosophy



You gain the following Feats. You do not need to know the spells required to create the items however you must pay the gold and the experience cost.  You also gain access to an experience pool. An amount equal to one fifth of all experience your character gains goes into this pool which may be used to craft items


Craft magical arms and armor

Craft Rod

Scribe scroll

Craft wondrous Item

Craft ring

Craft staff




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