Rune Items


The Rune Skull 

Once per day and an additional time per day per every 4 levels.



Detect Secret Doors

Detect thoughts

Locate Object

See Invis

Arcane Sight


Detect scrying

Locate Creature


Once per day


Analyze Dweomer

Legend Lore


The Skull understands all languages of mortals


First unlock


Add the following spells to your once per four levels list.


Detect evil/law/etc

Detect Poison

Detect pits and snares

Detect Scrying


Find traps

Discern lies


At the beginning of each day the bearer may pick one of the following bonuses. All bonuses are insight bonuses


1/4 your level to AC

Your level X5 as temp HP

1/4 level to all saves

1/4 level as DR/all

Your level X2 to initiative

1/2 your level to attack rolls

Your level to melee damage

1/4 level to overcome SR

1/6 level to spell DCs

1/4 level to all trained skills



Second unlock


Add the following spells to your once a day list:   Find the Path Greater arcane sight Prying eyes Greater status

Greater Scrying

Moment of prescience



You may pick two insight bonuses instead of one each day or bestow the same bonus to two different people.



Third unlock



All spells that were once a day are now once per day every four levels



The skull may shed a 100ft cone that reveals all things as they truly are as the true sight spell.



You may pick three different insight bonuses to apply to yourself each day, or bestow the same bonus to three different people.




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