Rune Items


The Weapon of Legend


The Bearer is considered proficient in all simple, martial, and exotic weapons.


As a full round action the weapon may change it's form into any type of melee weapon appropriate for your size.


The weapon is always a +1 ghost touch aptitude weapon (aptitude allows specific weapon feats to apply to this weapon)


The weapon may be made of wood, steel, cold iron, or silver. (All except steel -1 to damage)


Once per day and 1 additional time per day every 6 levels you may imbue the weapon with 2d6 energy damage of your element. This damage bonus lasts for a number of hits equal to your character level. Activating this ability is a standard action.


Weapon of legend unlocks


Unlock by completing objective. For every 2 objectives completed the weapon of legend gains another +1 to its enhancement bonus.



Bane Deathkiss: +1 kill 5 creatures of a certain type

Keen Blackrazor: +1 hit 5 creatures with a confirmed critical hit

Spell storing: Staff of the Archmage +1 resist or save against 3 spells from an enemy caster.

Thundering: Mjlonir +1 kill 1 creature with a confirmed critical hit with a blunt weapon.

Defending Grungir +1 make the same opponent miss you 3 times while fighting defensively

Alignment Dawn and Dusk +1 damage an enemy of each alignment

Deadly precision The Sting: +1 hit 10 enemies who are flanked or flat footed.

Fearless Excalibur +1 make save against fear 3 times.

Dual weapon effect: Chain of Pains: +1 kill 3 opponents with offhand attack of a double weapon.





Holy Excalibur +2 kill 3 evil outsiders while weapon is a bastard sword

Unholy Chain of Pains: +2 kill 3 good outsiders while weapon is a Flail

Wounding Blackrazor: coup de gras 3 living enemies while weapon is a short sword.

Soul draining Deathkiss: +2 Kill 20 living enemies of equal CR or greater.

dispelling Staff of the Archmage: +3 Kill 5 spellcasters who have active spells on them.

Returning: The Sting: +1 kill 3 enemies by throwing your weapon.

Collision Mjlonir : Kill 10 enemies who are larger than you

Elemental Dawn and Dusk +1 kill 1 enemy of the following subtypes; Fire, water or cold, Air, and earth.

Bleeding: Grungir: damage 20 enemies of equal CR or greater but someone else must kill them.



High: only available once first two abilities are unlocked


Dancing The Sting +4 kill 3 enemies in one round while weapon is a dagger

Brilliant energy +4 Deathkiss hit 10 times in a row against living enemies

Vorpal Blackrazor +5 kill an enemy your CR or higher in one round. All damage taken by the enemy must come from you.

Elemental burst Dawn and Dusk +2 kill 5 enemies with each elemental damage type.

Disruption +4 Excalibur kill 20 undead.

Speed +3 Chain of Pains damage 10 different enemies in a consecutive 5 round period.

Paralyzing +3 Mjlonir Hit 3 enemies with a confirmed critical that doesn't kill them.

Valorous +3 Grungier kill 10 enemies while charging.

True seeing +3 Staff of the Archmage. Kill 3 enemies that you have a miss chance against.






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