Montivawn- Alignment: Lawful Evil

Income: Real Estate, tariffs, luxury goods.

Government Function: Justices, auditors, accountants, lawyers.

Jaelesco- Alignment: Chaotic Good

Income: Hunting, Tourism, Mining

Government Function: Scouts, Spys, counter-intelligence

Tibrorn- Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Income: Manufacturing, Retail, Mercenary

Government Function: Weapon Development, Guards, Engineers 

Benoit- Alignment: Neutral Good

Income: Healing Magic, Education, Hospital

Government Function: Humanitarian Relief, Battle Medics 

Milani- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Income: Piracy, Smuggling, Fencing

Government Function: Navy

Thronos- Alignment: True Neutral

Income: Magic Items, Mercenaries, Research

Governmet Funtion: Magical Regulation and research

Numeaux- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Income: Inns, Farms, livestock, entertainment 

Government Function: department of Labor and Agriculture

Von Cardio- Alignment: True Neutral

Income- Trade, Fishing, Shipwrights 

Government Function: Tax Collection, treasury, Public Works

Giovanni- Alignment: Neutral Evil

Income: Conquest, military funds, exotic guard animals

Government Function: Armed Forces, Marines

Presteux- Alignment: Chaotic Good 

Income: technology, artifacts, mining

Government Function:Air Force, Mail, special projects.



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