Venill Bay
Venill Islands


Cultural Importance

These small mice are an unlikely symbol for such a great sea power, but they are close to the hearts of all the people of Venillia. Countless stories told to children to teach them the virtues of hard work and cleanliness feature the "tidy", as it is called by the locals. Small figure of the tidy mouse are often seen in the living areas of the hard working farmers of Venillia, as the farmers have a special connection to the tiny workers. However, it is the statues found in barracks, tradesmen's shops and even aboard ships that really show how the people of Venillia revere the mice. The statues serve as a reminder to the importance of order, procedure and cleanliness the tidy mouse represents. Great nations throughout time have always respected the strength of a lion or bear, but in these times, a nation must recognize it takes more than brute strength the extend dominance.


Ag first glance, the tidy mouse is not very different than others mice found on the fields of farms throughout the world. It is in examining their living areas when we can see the tidy mouse is a unique creature. They keep a clean radius of hard dirt around the entrance to their dwellings. They work tirelessly to ensure that no weeds encroach on their clean area. They also maintain a small bathing area for dust baths.



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