A world where Gods divide up power between them based on the sizes of their following, and the weakest ones are banished to Earth until they’re able to force their way back to Heaven. Human’s limited contact with divinity and the opposite has distorted their knowledge, and now the gods stuck on Earth are either not believed, or in hiding. Below, demons reign. Only humanity’s belief of their evil keeps them weaker than the gods, and many demons are also now beached on the mortal world.


The world was made massive by the combined will of the gods, and the more powerful beings are occupied keeping existence stable, leaving control of the world to the smaller deities. Gods and Goddesses on Earth are on a constant quest to return to Heaven, and widespread religion has become a seesaw as more gods are pulled down to Earth, and therefore can show humans their divinity, making them capable of returning, and so on. Meanwhile, demons are trying to find their own way to take over. What would happen if they met, and found that they had both been lied to?



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