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The Arbourians are an ethnic group native to what is by the 120th century, Arbour, Northwest Oswelden, and the Saint Mercier Islands.

Descending from Imsi, the Arbourian language is not a member of the Hjielo-Mesni language family. It does use the Fuxian script, modified to accommodate the guttural click, descended from Imsi, and nasal tone, adopted from Velvesh. 

Use of pyromancy by the Arbourians can be traced back to approximately -3,500. The poet Laertes describes a

"Land of cannibals, men who breathe fire, are light of skin and dark in their speech."

Laertes describes "Lessainek", the tradition of murdering a slave, criminal, or prisoner of war, and eating their raw flesh as a community as to induce pyromantic mania during a holiday or celebration. When pyromancy is achieved, various wooden effigies and idols are burned. Lessainek was often used for funerals, as to burn the corpse of a loved one.

This practice became frowned upon under the rule of the Fux State and later conversion to Sinesterism. Though conversion put an end to the pagan festivals and worship, funerary pyromancy was practiced, though illegally, up until the 118th century.  




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