Woels are a terrible creature, a small insect that burrows into the flesh of a human and sucks the dopamine from the host. It is estimated that, globally, 20% of all suicides can be traced back to woel infection. All woels are female and reproduce asexually.

Infection begins when a woel climbs onto the host. The host can only be human, no other creature can be infected by woels. It is relatively easy to kill a woel in the 2 month span it spends burrowing into the flesh and preparing to attach itself to the veins. In the meantime, it subsists on what little blood it extracts from its burrow. Woels can simply be killed by drowning. 

Once the woel is ready, the antennae will be dug into the hosts veins, cracking open and allowing the woel's small tendrils to be embedded in the veins and slowly grow, using gathered nutrients, across the body until it reaches the brain. This will take roughly 3 months. Removing the woel at this point will not reverse the effects of osteoporosis given by the insect.

The woel then extracts as much dopamine from the brain as possible, sending it back to the abdomen where the chemical is used to fertilize the empty eggs. Once the eggs are ready to hatch, the woel dies and the nymphs devour their mother, and flee the host's body.





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