Draen records
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In one of the Ani, there was a building hanging from a brach. It catched my attention with its simplicity. Once I asked them, what the building was for, and they answered: "To hold the mothers". I asked some more, and became terrified by what I was told.

The drae have no gender. The system reproduction can support any number of parents up to six. The drae insert their genetic matter in with their tailspikes, piercing the exoskeleton. The liquid contains anesthetics preventing the pain. This is then stored in the gland in the tail for later use. It is eventually dispelled through the skin in the standard waste removal process.

The mother lets some eggs grow in her spikes, and strikes them into an Ani. The spikes rip off, and form larvae, which are parasites to the Ani. The larvae burrow a little into the soft bark after they grow enough, and stay there, fairly protected from predators, until they are full-sized

The larvae grow in two months to a full sized drae, and eat themselves out of the Ani. The spike becomes the "teeth" of the drae, though after the two months not much original tissue remains.


For the two months of gestation, the mother enters a state of extreme protectiveness. In his state the mother is not able to be communicated with, and will react aggressively to any stimulus. When without stimuli, the parent will keep motionless, in a hibernation to save energy.

After the larvae have hatched to adults, the state dissappears. Memories from the state are described as blurry and often fantastical.

When provoked, the mother will often speak to the hallucinations, in a different manner than normal. The speech has been commonly used as prophecy due to their .


The reproduction is not a taboo for the drae, as it doesn't produce pleasure, but is more of an instinct.

Commonly, everyone in the tribe competes for right to seed the children, even the siblings of the mother and everybody who seeded them in the first place. Tribe mixing happens commonly enough for this not to be a problem.




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