Draen records


It was incredible seeing one live. I have to admit I was immediately filled with the urge of taking one apart to see how it worked, like an engineer looking at a machine. I walked around it, just watching, taking note of every detail. As far as I understand, it was doing the same to me.

See also Drae - biology and Reproduction.

The drae are a species originating from the planet Iniu, defined by their sociality and well developed mental capabilities, as well as skill in tool usage and crafting.

Life: Similia

 Empire: Ascendea

  Province: Cerebrea

   Class: Draenida

    Species: Callidus

The drae live mostly in the Ani forests, especially near the equator, though are found nearly everywhere else.

The drae usually die from old age near 45 years, and the longest recorded life was 69 years long.

The drae are on average 3,5 meters long from head to the tip of the tail, the tail accounting for 1,6 meters. When standing, the highest point of the torso reaches 1,2 meters.



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