Draen records


We got to a new rhythm of sleeping, staying awake for two days and sleeping for one. The complete rotation of the planet, sunrise to sunrise, was only ten hours. The drae asked me many times about why we sleep, and what happens in it.

One day on Iniu is 9 hours 45 minutes and 36 seconds. This is the most common unit of timekeeping on Iniu, as there are little to no seasons.

Water clocks

The earliest methods of timekeeping were simple water clocks; long plant veins where water slowly dripped from a container above. They were more like stopwatches, and less like actual clocks. Usually the clocks were synchronized by letting both run, and marking on the slower one, where the water was when the other one filled up. Most of the clocks had multiple of these markings, each labelled. 



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