Dalrhun was a nice, calm place on the equator. The forest scretched all the way through the small sea in the middle of it, the titular Dalrhun, the sea of the hungry earth. Apparently the ground around it is covered in a thick jungle, where almost anything will try to eat the clumsily moving drae. The scenery was dominated by the giant mountains.

Dalrhun is a large bay on the equator. It has an unique ecosystem, and is thought to be the place where the drae originated. It is mostly isolated from all other areas, except by travelling along the coastline.

Dalrhun originally meant just the sea in the middle of current Dalrhun, but was later expanded to mean all of the lakes and islands in the general area, limited by ocean in the east, the Dalrhun mountains in the west, and the furthest lakes in north and south.


The climate of Dalrhun is always hot and moist. It rains often. A human couldn't tolerate it for a long time, but the drae are adapted for it. The nights provide barely any relief because the sea won't let the air cool. The only cold spot in the whole area is ten or so meters below the surface of the sea. Going there is fairly essential for temperature regulation, even when the sea is always patrolled by water-going predators.




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