Astral Planes


Annx: God of Time

Annx was the first God created by the Creator, a personal companion with the development of Nibel. It has the dominion over Time, Future and Past; able to shape it as It wishes. Annx appears Rodent in form; short and fat, thick, navy coloured fur covering Its body and a large blood-red, Feathery tail. Tall ears above a small pointed mask It uses to hid Its face. Bright white eyes that some say glow, and a wry smile always on Its face.

As the fist being brought into existence, Its appearance marks the first designed. All of the first creatures of Nibel were Rodent, common to Annx in form. Similarly, as the first being, Annx has no sex. It was created before the concept of sex was devised, hence It is the only sexless creature. It's role when first created was simply to help with the creation of the Astral Planes, though now It has dominion over Time.

Annx's part within Nibel varies depending on current events. It will observe the world and all its happenings, waiting for something terrible to happen. This could be something simple like a large forest fire, or a horrid terror attack or war. Once found, Annx acts; turning back time to the first signs of the event occurring, then descending to Nibel to change it. He will alter certain events in the past to try and rectify the events seen in the future. When concluded that the troubles have been rectified, Annx returns to Haves and waits again.

Annx can be seen as a mischievous God, one that helps, but isn't against 'toying' with it first; using Its godly strengths to play about with time to amuse Itself. Even so, Annx is still prayed to, thanking for the times It intervenes, wishing that is anything bad happened to them, Annx would help.




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