Astral Planes


Haves: Where the Gods Reside

Haves is the plane made for the Gods to live and rest; unreachable by the common being. It is an 'ethereal plane of existence', described as a fractured recreation of Nibel, suspended in an ivory fog. The plane is held above Astoria in an ethereal sense, hidden to the mortal eye as it lacks physicality. Held together by the Light Within Dreams, hence sometimes called the Dreamworld for it dream-like qualities. No pain or suffering within Haves, and those who breathe its smoky air become cursed to live forever; only immortals Gods exist up there.

God in the past have chosen to bring a being on the noteworthy exception to Haves. In an attempt to gift them Godship, they force them to breathe the air and eat their fruit which grants them the potential as the Gods. Ruka and Rai are both the early examples of God created by abduction to Haves.



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