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The Cycle of Rebirth:

The Cycle of Rebirth refers to the method of which Soul from those who've passed away is added to The Void where it waits. Eventually, it would get sorted by the Pinã back into a Soul, ready to be gifted to those ready to be born.

Soul can't simply taken from someone who's died and given to a newborn as the memories and past-life of the Soul would carry over to the next. The act of mixing within the ooze of the Void 'blends together' the Soul, corrupting the memories and any remnant of life from it before giving it life again, giving each new person a fresh piece of Soul.

It is thought that being reborn is the juxtaposition to having your Soul taken to The Abyss. It would make sense fro there to be a separate Plane for which Those with praised Soul will be sent, though instead they are gifted with life again and returned to Astoria



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