Astral Planes


Astoria: Where Exists The Real

Astoria is the centre of Nibelian existence. The others Astral Planes are structured around Astoria in overlapping layers; Nibel being real and the rest being 'appendages' on reality. Astoria was created before Haves and The Abyss; the foundation for the world that the others were based upon, shaping the multi-layered existence of Astoria. It's unclear if other noted planets have the same sets of Astral Planes or their own individual ones.

Nibelian life is heavily influenced by the events and interactions between the other Astral Planes; the Gods in the early days of Nibelian societies were seen as of mythical or great religious events. Though now, the existence of Gods and Astral Planes are taught and believed as fact. Gods have chosen to walk among those in Nibel, hidden in plain sight. This is because they are always working to maintain the workings of Astoria, specifically Nibel and 'find those in Nibel an interesting subject to follow.'



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