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Soul: The Make-up of Living Beings

Soul originates within living beings, acting as a sort of 'life-force'. Each person would have Soul within them, as well as other non-sentient creatures. Soul can be comparable to blood, when hurt, Soul is said to leak from the body, those drained of all Soul die soon after. Soul can not be seen by our eye, it is a metaphysical force similar to Sin and the Light Within Dreams.

Soul is uniquely formed by the individual's thoughts, memories, and preferences; making Soul a valid gauge for judging a person or creatures life. When a creature dies, its Soul makes its way to into The Void between Astoria and Haves, forming a sticky web between them. There it is sorted by Pinã and decided if it's worthy of being reused in the Cycle of Rebirth where it would become another creature's Soul.




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