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Sin: A Corruption of Light

Sin is the God-made blight that has taints the Soul within Astoria. Remor manages to infect Soul, even from the depths of The Abyss where he's imprisoned. If Soul is described as the Light, Sin is alike the darkness and shadow the Light creates.

Sin was intended as a mechanism to control the people of Astoria, seen as a compromise to perfection. It is a 'sentient force' of addicting qualities that causes those it influences to act immorally and impulsively. In the beginning, the God Remor governed Sin, controlling how much it affected Astoria and stopping it from becoming fully corrupt. Though through exposure to Sin, he himself became a vessel to Sin's control.

Without knowledge of the other Gods, he surprised all after  releasing Sin rampant throughout Astoria. The 'Days of Decay' were upon us, sending Nibel into years of chaos and blissful anarchy. This was grave; not something the Gods could just clean up. Remor was condemned to The Abyss to limit his influence on Astoria of Haves; but this didn't remove the problem. Astoria was being wiped clean by the Sin, death and destruction rampant the caused almost all within Nibel to ruin. It was ended eventually though; by the lone hand of a mortal: Ruka, Nibel was restored slowly over time and torment. Becoming the cleansed platform for the modern day Nibel to develop.



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