The Faes
The Faes


The Light Within Dreams:

'The Light Within Dreams' is the term given to the surreal Force which allows the Astral Planes to persist outside of Astoria. This Force is controlled by no God, rather just the fabric of existence itself that acts upon the Astral Planes. It is called as such because it is said to be felt the most when those with Soul sleep, showing as a bright Light within their dreams. It is this Force that connects the Soul of all beings to The Void.

This Light Within Dreams is blackened by Sin, alike Soul. When dreaming of the Light, any being is the most susceptible to Remor's influence; allowing the Soul to become in contact with Sin, even if only a tiny amount. This is how Remor keeps Sin persisting throughout Nibel, despite being trapped in The Abyss. If Soul is cast down to The Abyss, the connection with the Light of Dreams is severed and it can never be regained, making that corrupted Soul worthless.



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