New Egypt seceded from Egypt after magic was discovered in a small group of the population and war subsequently broke out there. 

The population of New Egypt now mainly practises magic. They are very suspicious about strangers, and border control if very strict. The reason being that those with magic did not start the war, but rather the powerful members of government without magic felt threatened and they were the main reason why war broke out. 

The magic practised by the New Egyptians consists mainly of Necromancy and general witch craft. There are several clans of witches scattered throughout New Egypt, as well as mediums, psychics, telepaths, empaths being part of these witch clans. 

However, the main people who have notorious reputations are the Exiled children. These citizens are more powerful than anyone with magic in New Egypt. They have various superpowers, or practice witchcraft at a higher level, as they have a greater connection with the magic of the Earth and therefore wield more magic and have more power. 

The Exiled Children worship the Goddess of Light, Aelius.

The Exiled Children are called that because they believe that they are Gods, kicked out of the sky, and reborn as mortals. 

The Goddess of Light, Aelius, is considered the main religion in New Egypt. It is a peaceful religion, who offers food to the poor and needy, offers education at its temples, by the High Priestesses. 


New Egypt is mostly a lush country with lots of arable land for crops. However it has a very well developed city. This does not mean anything though as it is still considered a second world country. It does have a large poor, undeveloped section of the population, but with its nearly competent government things are changing. 

The magic trade is the most prevalent economy that exists in New Egypt. The biggest market, the Glass Bizarre, is situated in the very middle of New Egypt. At this bizarre, they trade wishes, charms, magic spells, etc. 



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