Just a fantasy world.



The Empire of Dominorum - The Citadel of the White Tower


The Forest Realms of Avastar and Eldenglow


The Iron Kingdoms of Khorakhagathol and Hundin


The Underkingdom of Jökull


The Scorched Plains


The Mountains of Unahyeim and Vjundenfall


The Gardens of Mystral


The Swamps of Undagrunde


The Bayou


The Dark Empire of Kaon


The Tombs of Gundar                                 


The Haven of New Providence


The Fiefdom of Vallachia


The Forests of Lycanfell


The Plains of Equestria


The Wild Lands of Athathrak


The Temple of Vigilantis


The Sea of Myr


The Coven of Hagsmyre




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