This world is a man-made world set thousands upon thousands of years after human-kind extinction.

Truble t's an underground of the undersea world, the planet it's world is in is actually Earth. 

It consists in 3 domes: Hyartruble, Palaitruble and Manamilatruble. These domes are litteraly semi-spheres cavities in the rock. They're one above another in the order of earlier from top to bottom. The domes are connected by a big hole named Torturtana. Right next to Truble there's a volcano that gives warmth as well as closes the water cicle.

The water cicle in Truble follows these steps: water filters from the sea through an special kind of rock, Bronma, which desalinates the water into Hyartruble. The water falls into a volcano like mountain named Bron which where the two rivers are born. The rivers follow gravitational pull and end up in Torturtana. Then, the water filters yet again from Hyartruble's Torturtana and falls into the Bron of Palaitruble. Then the story repeats and the water ends up at Manamilatruble's Bron. Manamilatruble is very flat, except some little islands and the coast, so the place is constantly flooded acting as a sea. It's called Madren. Then water gets filtered yet again by that kind of rock and ends up in a natural heated-by-lava cavity, in which gets turned into gas and flies away by the volcano tubes.

They get light by some crystals which they call Lynt that poke from the dome's sealing and from the volcano's top.

The most advanced habitants of Truble are the cat species. The firsts cat were created manually by human-beings. They don't defecate, just pee pure water. They feed mainly from the Bronma and other species' Bulk and fibers called Kuwuet. The cat resemble a cat, but with completely different organs. They have a stomach which combinates the Bronma and the fibers, and actually some mineral salts, to create bulk. This bulk is then stored in a muscle called Fynz and gets distributed through the rest of the body. The Fynz acts like a heart, since the bulk is pure energy for their cells. Their exceed of fiber gets stored in a place called Haat. The Haat it's avobe their heads and it can be shaped into a lot of things. The more fiber they have, the more strong they are, but too much fiber makes the cat to loose it's Haat, since the body assumes there's an excess of fiber. It's considered healty to have a 10% of the total fiber on the haat, and they lose their haat from 15% to 20%.

They cultivate some plants, like the chuma, the pyrtpa, the opu or the peul. They also hunt for little animals, like the limp, the pat and the de.




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