Created by two stubborn, love-sick gods, Erda has always been a world of conflict. Conflict between Elo, the sun god, and Lenor, the moon-goddess. Conflict between White Magic and Dark Magic. Between humans, and elves and monsters. Conflict between the North and the South


Erda consists of three parts. Firstly, there is the North, inhabited by humans. Elo is their creator, and it is him they worship. The South is governed by Lenor. It is where she initially created the elves, who still live there, albeit not as free as they once were. Lenor now uses the South as her personal land where she can create new monsters that attack the North, all in a desperate attempt to once again get Elo's attention.

At the centre of the world is the Dragon Forest. It was created by Elo after Lenor's first attack, which nearly wiped out humanity from existence, and almost removed Elo from this world. The Dragon Forest, inhabited by humans and their Dragons, serves as a protective wall between the vulnerable human civilisation to the North, and the aggressive monsters to the South.



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