The World of MoE

An unnamed world built for my webnovel, Man of Earth. It is a reincarnation story that follows a human boy named Ash as he gradually learns more about the fantastic world he was reincarnated into, as well as the memories and principles he held in his past life.


Dangerous world

This world is incredibly dangerous, and is packed full of monsters, cults, and strange magics native to various lands and races. However, Ash has one advantage over the numerous threats, and that is... his human brain. In all other worlds, magic is used in the creation of plants, animals, and just about any other living thing, but Lilah (the goddess of science) applied all of her power and scientific brilliance to create a mind completely seperate from magical influence. The human mind.

However, in doing so, she also granted great power to those who weild it, and as a result, she was forced to limit us to only the most basic of thought processes. Upon reincarnation, Ash is able to use his brain to it’s full potential, and is not lacking in self-defense.



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