Fragments of a massive sundered planet drift slowly through an atmosphere steeped in the arcane, each having evolved different ecosystems and civilizations. With the dawn of long-distance air travel, nations claw at new ground in a frenzy in the hopes of snatching wealth and influence away from the competition. The arena is open -- enter the gladiators: a theocratic dictatorship hell-bent on conversion through crusades, a cult of twisted druids seeking answers from otherworldly strangers, an ancient dragon constricting a weakening medieval republic, an undead god sleeping under a planet-sized sea, and countless others. Titanic forces clash and writhe, bringing a broken world to the brink of shattering again.


Splintered Aether is set on the fragments of Kaelis -- a planetary Pangaea. Each of the nineteen zones slowly orbit the dimly glowing remains of the planet's core and has its own enclosed ecosystem. A glittering ring surrounds the atmosphere shared between every zone. Fantasy dominates arcane tech with airships ruling the skies and megalopolises sprawling across fractured land. Kaelis shattered just over a hundred thousand years prior, but a few beings still remember it. For most, however, it's a scene of dauntless exploration with rivals around every corner, challenging heroes in their searches for wealth, power, or revenge across splintered landscapes.



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