Ideas: 1) Package deals of Complications that 'stack' on top of the normal Complications for more points. Slave; Freed slave
2) Bows (no long bows or crossbows allowed) are a 2 Point category all their own seperate from Common Missile Weapons, and are +1 Phase to load and fire.
3) All metal weapons are Iron Bronze or Copper (DEF 4). Over 4 DC damage causes weapon to take body.
4) All magic takes at least a TURN to cast, no delayed effect, Divine Spells (Healing, etc) require Levels of Luck instead of skill roll w more levels for higher active points in the categories set out by MHI for how many of each type before more advanced spells can be purchased, spells from spell list only.

5) Maybe not set in Rome but PC's are a heroic band of guardians.