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All things relating to the world of 


This outlines

  • the changes made to the 3.5 system and the new mechanics implemented 
  • The world of Znalezisko
  • The Organizations, Factions, Leaders, Cities, Towns and other groups prevalent in the world. 
  • Events in history as well as events occurring over the course of the campaign
  • Deities, Demi-Gods, Demons, The Holy and the Occult
  • Other Relevant Information


Often enough I think back and wonder, Was it really worth it? Can you say what we did truly saved us? Or are we no better than they are. The world ain't the same as it used to be, lest we forget what we did to them. What we did to us. 

You get used to it. 

See, long ago there were these monsters. Things we ain't seen for quite some time. Creatures born somewhere else that came here, tryin to destroy what we got. They were eatin' up everyone. Everything. 

You get used to it

So naturally we gotta rid ourselves of em. Snip it at the source. We found their "food" and cut them off. At least that's what the scholars tell us. 

You get used to it. 

its been a couple hundred years. Wars were fought, blood was spilt, people starved and died. They say we never really recovered. no one remembers what the old world was like or what we lost back then. The scholars only got scraps. just like the rest of us 


but you get used to it.




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