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Absalon, a mysterious figure that appeared out of the blue when the party barely escaped a mansion that was overflowing with a mind effecting incense. He carries atleast six flintlock pistols on him at any given time and seems to be exceptionally skilled at hand to hand combat. He's quick to act in battle, and will save those who consider him an ally in their time of need.Absalon however does not hold any ties to the party, or anyone for that matter. He has disappeared from battle several times in order to save his own skin when the fighting took a bad turn. He has also aligned himself with the Siphon Order in order to further his goals. His loyalties seem as flaky as his outward personality, turning into a completely different person at times. 


He speaks matter of factly, stating facts in deadpan. He seems to know quite a bit of unusual information and even speaks the obscure abyssal language. 


Absalon's list of sins grows by the day. he has blown a child's brains out after the kid whispered it was the son of Mothfraka. He has kidnapped the Philip and nearly killed him for information. He switched sides at a crucial moment when the first large crystal was discovered.  


Absalon continues to act in a nearly sociopathic manor. He seems to be set off at the mention of religious power. the party has heard him say that the gods don't exist, along with intense questioning of both strange rock beings and party members over deitic power.



In the most recent turn of events, Absalon ventured north to Philip's fountain of youth. Believing it to be religious in nature,  Absalon intended to clense the fountain and Philip. However, Philip was able to (somehow) clearly explain to Absalon the truths of the fountain, along with his mountains of reasearch and alchemical knowledge about the properties of it. Containing no traces to relgion other than superstitious traces applied by madmen who dont know any better, Absalon made a deal with philip, trading his servaces as a mercinary for the refined brew of the immortality potion. True to his word he battled the party for a time when they entered the Fountain for the first time. He yielded after taking significant damage, instead taking an observers spot off to the side of the battle.



A few days after the incident at the fountain, Absalon contacted the party wizard in the norther border town past the cursed glade. He inquired about the religious orgaization that was currently pushing a violent inquisition on the townsfolk. The information he recieved put him on a fast track to the Order of Conarius  and their grand master, a monk who claims to be able to directly contact the god himself. The wizard was given a specialty mark from the order that would give him preferential treatment should he visit for one of their services. He relinquished this mark to Absalon.Currently his whereabouts are unknown, but he is in grave danger currently, the Order of Conarius  believes one from the border town to have slain their branch commander, the mighty Patrokalos. And that man would bare the mark of the order from the town beyond the glade.Absalon was found a later in the town of Frelse. the right half of his body had been blown off, presumably by cannon fire. He was understandably angry with the adventurers, whom he blamed for the loss of his favorite limb. The adventurers absolved themselves of their sins however by pinning the blame on a Snarky Skull(Jack). Absalon left shortly after, presumably to take his vengeance on the skull 



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