Gods are the beings that exist outside of the mortal realm. The first mortals to make contact with these timeless and impossibly powerful creatures declared them to be "gods" or rulers of creation. This has been seen as humorous to most gods, though No-So-Ko has said that mortals are right to bow.



The Gods actually had no direct involvement in the creation of the mortal realm, and its existence is an extremely puzzling thing to those who care to think about it. The very facts of time itself are impossible for the gods to comprehend.



The domains of gods are the construction of the earliest mortals, attributing various parts of reality to the gods that display them most prominently. Religion as well is a construct of mortals, as most of the gods have never asked to be revered, though some of the darker gods welcome it, and have been known to become vengeful toward deserters of their congregations.



The Gods have very limited influence and ability to effect the mortal realm. They cannot directly intervene in its events. Their powers are limited to influencing natural events much like ripples in water after a stone is skipped. Mortals however can invoke gods and their energies, in a minor ability to channel their will through them, or in a major way by becoming an avatar to a god, an event that usually consumes the avatar after. These calls for power can be denied by gods if they do not wish for particular mortals to wield their abilities. There are few ways to use a gods power without its blessing


The Gods number twelve total. They are


  • Zuzu the sun god
  • Pherris the nature god
  • Lulu the water goddess
  • Conarius the dueling god
  • Devilio the justice god
  • Hormic the moon god
  • Quatatalla the knowledge goddess
  • Balicil the enduring goddess
  • Yimirical the destruction goddess
  • No-so-ko the deceitful god
  • Mothfraka the carnal goddess
  • Elico the greedy god



In the beginning there were actually thirteen gods, however the final moments of The Great Cataclysm claimed the thirteenth, and its name and purpose have been lost to the ages.



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