Skill Level


The Snarky Skull was found at the bottom of a well in the little northern town of Pallet. It was a seemingly ordinary skull that had two magical crystals in its eye sockets. 

When touched, the skull angrily came to life and started bickering with the party. It appeared to have immense knowledge of the world before and the elves. 

Unfortunately, the skull was lost after one party member cast a magical spell upon it. it rose into the sky and vanished in a ball of fire that ignited several buildings in the area. 


Jack was found in the possession of the Silent Clan. While fleeing with stolen goods, the party also managed to liberate Jack. He was less than appreciative of his efforts. 


Jack continued to spill his information to the party. Notably, he lived to four thousand years old in his life as an elf. He also had a wife and child who he has very obviously outlived at this point. he remains snarky, but is somewhat somber when reminiscing. 


Jack revealed innate knowledge of the working of magic to one of the party rogues, birthing the first Wizard in several hundred years. The rogue then repayed jack for his knowledge by enchanting a suitable body with several crystals, and attaching it to Jack. With this upgrade, Jack now has the ability to walk, and interact with the world around him, giving him freedom he hasn't know for thousands of years. 

Jack wandered off shortly after. The party made minimal attempts to stop him, believing he wouldn't run off on his own. Unfortunately Jack quickly disappeared, exploiting his new found freedom. Since his departure the party has not seen jack in some time. 


Jack has recently reappeared in a random happenstance. He opened a secret door exiting a terrifying construct the party was exploring. His usually attitude was prevalent, however he explained critical lore details when asked. The party now knows about crystal blight, and some terrifying implications of the reemergence of magic. 


Jack is currently questing with the group, however he may leave at any moment. His explanation of his whereabouts has made it quite clear that he will just walk away from his problems. 




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