Ghrome is an extremely tall lanky elf with a near minimal amount of muscle supporting a almost skeletal frame. Standing 7'3", Ghrome is one of the most unusual elves in the land. 

As a child, Ghrome was orphaned for reason unknown by anyone. He was found by the Silvervein family, a robust family of Dwarves who gained their name in the western silver mines of Lithidus. Already bearing fifteen children, The Silverveins were unbothered by the addition of a sixteenth. Ghrome was named after the Dwarven legend of the great cave crawler, who in legend created the vast caverns underneath Lithidus. 

Growing up, Ghrome never fared well with his brothers and sisters. In his teenage years he was put to work in the mines. However, Ghrome was unsuited to the harsh physical work compared to his siblings. this earned him some harsh banter, however he preserved. Ghrome gave every day his all, and though he never quite compared to his peers, he worked till he dropped. 

One particular day, Ghrome discovered his innate speed as an elf. By ditching his pickaxe for a light, long, chisel Ghrome was able to focus on light rapid strikes that proved quite effective in the mines. His cohorts began to notice the light droning buzz coming from his part of the mine, and began to notice Ghrome's unusual process for digging. His results were undeniable however, as he began to equal and in some cases outperform the his dwarven bretheren. 


Ghrome's father soon took notice of this technique, and brought his adopted son out of the mines, and into the forge. Though Ghrome towered over his father, he listened intently as he was taught of the intricacies of the forge. Utilizing his rapid method of striking, he produced weapons far stronger, sharper, and durable than had been seen before. The stinging strikes of his hammer earned him his nickname, Stinger. Stinger left home after thirty years with his family. He thanked them and promised that he would return to them some day. Since then, he has traveled through western Lithidus honing his craft. He currently resides in the northern town of Amata, producing his signature "Singing Steel" for the towns workers and guards.  



Stinger is one of two legendary Blacksmiths in Handel, and the only other manufacturer of firearms. He keeps his wares reasonably priced so that even the farmers can afford protection. He has explained the craft of firearms to any who are curious, however, without the miraculous Singing Steel that Ghrome creates, the firearms fail to work properly, resulting in a number of grizzly amputations 



Ghrome at one point befriended the party, offering them many a craft to help with their difficult adventure. This interaction was spoiled however, when he discovered the party had slain his religious brother Patrokolos. He was last seen making for the temple of Conarius to tell his people of their crimes



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