It is said that Kugan was once a mortal man. Bloodied from battle and on his last leg a beast of legend, a giant undead scavenger known as the blackwing, circled his mangled body. It swooped down and swept his body back to it's nest where it swallowed him whole. The necromantic magic coursing through the undead bird's body flowed into Kugans veins and renewed his lifeforce, however it turned him into a vicious creature. He feasted on the rotting flesh of the Blackwing's meals for three days until he got the strength to claw his way out of the creature's stomach and kill it by consuming it's brain. He then donned the beast’s skull and torn it’s wings from it’s corpse to cloak his naked body. In an insatiable bloodlust Kugan sought to take to the seas. So he found a himself a ship.


The Dawnstalker was an inter-continental trade vessel under the control of the Aahn military.

It was in port at Castle Shae, restocking it’s supplies when, in the middle of the day, a man clad in clothes as black night walked on board, catching the troops by surprise. his attire constantly churning as though woven from smoke, under a cloak made from the severed wings of a large black bird, and a mask made from the skull of a blackwing. The captain of the guard lunged and sunk a lethal blow against the man in black, but the man didn't bleed, he didn't even take note of the blade through his heart. Caught off guard and fighting a nerve racking monster, the soldiers were bested in fierce combat and the surviving military were tied up and thrown off the vessel, told to tell their king that the seas now belonged to Kugan the Blackwing, while the crew was kept aboard, forced to sail the vessel and become pirates under the red flag of their new captain.


Not much is truly known of who Kugan is, or was. Not even his first mate has seen the Captain without the mask. He is most likely just trying to hide a horribly disfigured face. His voice would imply that he has oversized fangs and a split tongue, though if anyone has had the misfortune to see it, then they haven’t lived to tell about it.



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