Twiland is an otherworld without night or day.  Over centuries, humans have fallen into this place or been brought here deliberately.  Now, there are cities and nations of people living in eternal twilight, and in the twilit forests, other beings dwell . . . the ancient ones . . . the fay.


A world apart but linked to other worlds in some mysterious fashion.  In this dark land are human cultures arisen from a mix of humans who have come here from all times and places.

In this world, other beings dwell who go by many names, but all people have known them in the deep memory of myth and folklore.

In this weird place, there is sentience all around.  Some but not all animals can speak.  You might come across a sentient tree, or even a living rock that watches you in silence.

Here, people do not age normally.  Time does not pass in any way that men can measure.  Philosophers debate but have not answers.

If brought to this other place, technology fails.  Gunpowder is inert.  Gasoline is useless.  Electricity fails to flow.

No god comes to this lost land.  Priests and imams alike pray in vain to an empty twilight sky.

But, there is magic.  Everywhere, there is magic.




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