The Wacegi Confederacy is the confederation of the states of Rarkashnak, the Wacegi Homeworld. With technology advancing and FTL travel becoming closer to reality, the independent nations of Rarkashnak agreed to form a confederate.

After the first forays into other star systems, it did not take them long to find alien life. The Confederacy met the Genoggians, Bothrians and the Vailon. These species made a peaceful bond with each other, (After a certain incident. See:  First Contact War) a bond that was strengthened by the formation of the Galactic Concordia, an interstellar federation.

This peace met an untimely end however, when the Yeon Empire invaded the Concordia. Rarkashnak was the first to fall, and for many years, the Confederacy was no more.

Decades later, with the help of the Galactron Aiden, the Concordia finally struck back against the Yeon, and took back many planets, including Rarkashnak.

For his help, the Concordia allowed Aiden to form a new Wacegi government and lead the people of Rarkashnak, within the condition that he rules with the Vailon ideology.

Aiden agreed to the terms, but with unprecedented political strength managed to not only reform the "Wacegi Bishopric"  into the "New Wacegi Confederacy", but also got back the Wacegi spot on the Galactic Concordia council.

The Confederacy is also known to be the one to launch the Yapathi Liberation War against the Yeon, freeing them from their shackles, and giving them their independence back.

The Confederacy helped greatly against The Contingency Crisis, and the Commander who dealt the final blow to the Contingency is known to be a Wacegi himself.

The Wacegi Confederacy were one of the first to become a signatory under the The Tebbran Peacekeepers, after the Crisis, alongside their Concordian allies (except the Bothrians, who refused to join.)

In our current times, the Wacegi are loyal signatories, altough there are rumors of dissent among the populace.


The Confederacy was formed being an Oligarchy, with the leader being chosen among the rulers of the nations of Rarkashnak. Each ruler voted who among themselves would lead the Confederacy.

After the Yeon wars, the government instead became a Theocratic Bishopric, with the first "Archbishop" appointed was Aiden. After the reforms, the authority became closer to the original Confederacy once again, where each governor of the colonies (and Rarkashnak) voted among themselves to choose a leader, which has been Aiden until his death.

As the Confederacy is now a signatory under the Tebbran Peacekeepers, the ruler is chosen by the Grand Senate.

The current ruler is Aiden's daughter, Lanchester II .


The Confederacy government has harsh restriction on corporations, and owns a large portion of the production facilities. . Restrictions on family owned small businesses are much laxer. Social Welfare Wage was given to people who could not work, and food was distributed to people who could not afford it.

The Confederacy has large mining guilds, with their main export being minerals.

Some Confederacy colonies, mainly Dontaurnak, have large amounts of farmland, which exports large amounts of food.

Tourism is rare inside the Confederacy, except for Thirimoria, which is a very famous planet for it's famed walking tree colonies.


The Confederacy, up until now, always had the smallest military of the Concordia. After the Yeon Wars, they started to focus more on their navy and army, making sure Rarkashnak would never fall again.

A branch of the military is the counter-terrorist spec ops unit called Archangels, which contributed immensely to end the Ghost Signal threat. The Archangels were reformed after the Yeon Wars, focusing more on exterior threats this time.




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