Interstellar Bothrian Autocracy,
Wacegi Confederacy


The First Contact War (Referred as "The Retaliation War" by the Bothrians) was a far fought between the Wacegi and the Bothrians during their period of first contact.

The Bothrians were the first to notice the Wacegi Confederacy's forays into space, yet they did not inform the rest of the Concordian Council about it. 

The Interstellar Bothrian Autocracy made unauthorized first contact with the Wacegi, requesting a meeting on their homeworld, Rarkashnak.

The meeting took place in a secluded valley on Rarkashnak. The Wacegi sent the Chancellor of the Confederacy as their representative, while the Bothrians sent a high ranking ambassador. Both sides had heavily armed troops escorting them.

During the meeting, the Bothrians claimed that the Wacegi Confederacy was too weak to survive in the galaxy alone, and demanded that they become a protectorate of the Autocracy. The Wacegi did not take this "offer" kindly.

Tensions soon rose as both sides did not seem intent on giving up. Soldiers started to push each other and guns were being  raised. After this, reports vary wildly:

The Bothrians claim that the Wacegi were so outraged at these demands, that they shot the Ambassador then and there. 

Meanwhile, the Wacegi claim that while they did raise weapons, it were the Bothrians who fired the first shot.

Whatever actually happened, the reports only merge after the claims of the first shots. A firefight took place, and both sides had many casualties, including the death of the Bothrian Ambassador.

After being notified of the death of their ambassador, the Autocracy sent a fleet of ships and troops to Rarkashnak as retaliation. Several continents became occupied by the Bothrians as the Wacegi fought back with everything they had.

The war lasted for a few months until the rest of the Galactic Concordia stepped in. As compensation, the Concordia sent many relief workers to Rarkashnak, and they invited the Wacegi to the Council, despite their relative weakness and technological gap.

The Wacegi were slow to trust the Concordia, but after seeing Vailon medics healing their people and Genoggian engineers rebuilding their homes, they started to warm up to them.



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