The Interstellar Bothrian Autocracy rose to a power after a coalition of nations calling themselves "Union of Bothria" banded together and  annexed the rest of the planet of Bothria.

After the invention of FTL travel, the Autocracy settled many offworld colonies, renaming themselves to the Interstellar Bothrian Autocracy. 

Before even meeting any aliens, the first enemy of the Bothrians were themselves. A "terrorist organization" (Or so it is claimed by the Autocracy) calling themselves "The Rebels of Free Will" had risen up, strategically allying themselves with nearly half of the colonies of the Autocracy. They demanded a change of the governing system to be democracy, and relaxed laws for the citizenry.

This rebellion was long and bloody, and the rebels eventually lost. The Autocracy took back control of the colonies, and unrest soon died out. The Autocracy heavily funded into propaganda to make sure a rebellion of this scale wouldn't happen again.

Afterwards, the Bothrians made first contact with the Genoggians, who at the time were already in contact with the Vailon. After several meetings and agreements, these three species formed the Galactic Concordia amongst themselves.

After The Contingency Crisis, unlike the rest of their Concordian allies, the Bothrians refused to sign the Peace Accords of the Tebbran Peacekeepers. They claimed they would not bow down to another empire, and that the notion of demilitarisation would be going against their religion.

During the beginning of The War in Heaven, the Bothrians accepted the offer to join the Fjasivlin Unity's side of the war. 


The Interstellar Bothrian Autocracy is a hierarchical dictatorship. The Lord Protector is chosen by a complicated hierarchy system and rules until their death. 


The Autocrasy has a stable economy, with their main exports being ships and fleet weaponry. The Autocracy also has state sanctioned mercenary companies, which give a share of their income to the government.


The Autocracy was known to boast the largest fleet in the Galactic Concordia before the Yeon Wars. After countless casualties against the Yeon, the Bothrians lost a large percentage of their fleet and armies.

The Autocracy fleet was still being rebuilt when the War in Heaven started. Current military power of the Autocracy is currently [CLEARANCE LEVEL TETRAGON REQUIRED].

The Autocracy has a spec ops branch called the Dark Tide.



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