Long ago the Golden City of Argion stood at the centre of a great empire. Its armies had subjugated nearly all of the city states on the river Anaaz and stole the statues of their Gods to remain captive within the walls of Argion. Aristocrats ruled Argion from golden towers built with the immense wealth they had ammassed through trade and war. A great thirty meter high wall surrounded the city built with the labor of a hundredthousand slaves and later enchanted with the protective spells of the Magi so that the wall may never fall. From every corner of the world, trade came to Argion. In camel caravans merchants crossed the Kaath Desert to enter the golden city through one of the fourteen gates. From up and down the Anaaz traders came on boats with their goods to sell on the bustling markets. Spices, gemstone, precious ores, livestock, the finest silk and wool, magnificent weapons, the sturdiest of armors and much, much more. Argion was always looking to expand its borders so that it may grow wealthier and more powerful. One day the rulers of Argion fixed their gaze on the city state of Neiw and sent an army to conquer it. The citizens of Neiw prayed to the statue of their God in an attempt to save their doomed city. It was to no avail. Neiw was sacked brutally, its citizens were enslaved or slaughtered and its God was taken. A great feast was held to celebrate the conquest. In the golden towers the decadent aristocracy descended into hedonism and debauchery as the people on the streets did the same. As the revelry commenced in Argion, slaves from Neiw begged and pleaded their God to bring down doom upon Argion. The words of prayer had hardly been spoken when dark clouds gathered over the city. Heavy rain began to fall. The Anaaz started to rise quickly. Argion flooded forcing its citizens to higher ground. Then the ground shook as if a giant was trying to claw its way to the surface. The golden towers crashed to the ground into the midst of collapsing buildings. People screamed in terror as they were crushed under their houses. The stones cracked open under the God of Argion swallowing the statue into the earth. In the end the God of Neiw loomed ominously over the dead city, untouched by the calamities. There it still stands protected by the enchanted walls of Argion.



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